Services and solutions, not simply projects and goods

Services and solutions, not simply projects and goods - MEG contractor

MEG contractor provide their clients with a full service fitting the application's needs and the customer's expectations, taking care of the whole process, from feasibility study to project engineering and from plant construction to operation and maintenance.


MEG contractor believe every step of the job is never functional to itself but is the necessary arrangement for the following one: a smooth maintenance needs a good construction, which comes from a focused engineering born by a detailed analysis of environment and variables.

Services for renewables

Project feasibility study
Project development
Environmental studies
Achievement of technical/administr. permits

Electrical, civil and structural engineering
Executive projects and bill of materials
Procurement of goods

Plant construction
Civil and technical constructions

Operation and maintenance
Environmental maintenance

Integrated engineering and construction of:
- alarm systems
- video-camera and recording systems
- remote control and management
- IT and data transmission

 - MEG contractor


Asset management

Administrative-contractual-technical due diligence analysis for investors

Preliminary inspections according to GSE procedures

Expertise and team

Expertise and team - MEG contractor

In its long experience in the renewable energy business, starting from 2009, MEG contractor's team developed and authorized more than 200MWp of photovoltaic projects, some of them engineered and built to become plants now producing megawatts of electrical power under MEG maintenance.


MEG contractor can today rely on a deep internal expertise and a wide net of contacts with both the major brands and manufacturers as well as the most skilled companies.


The team is made of engineers coming from different application fields and with different academic backgrounds: degrees in technical engineering, architecture and environmental sciences, business studies; experiences in informatics, oil and gas, power transmission and drive technology, manufacturing and assembling plants, environmental engineering, green parks installation and maintenance, information, sport companies management.

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